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Carpets are a significant investment in home improvement, often taking a few years before they are replaced. Regular vacuuming can keep surface dirt and dust off one’s carpet but it is not sufficient for removing ingrained substances such as dust mites and allergens, and heavy carpet stains from spills and foot traffic.

The main reason your carpet wears out is because of foot traffic and dirt particles that get trapped in the pile. When you walk, the dirt and grit have an abrasive effect on the fibres. In time, this will affect both the colour and its appearance. It will obviously also reduce the lifetime and durability.

OM cleaning services thoroughly clean carpets using advanced equipment and techniques, leaving a fresh and clean appearance and significantly prolonging the life of carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning procedure:
We recommends a thorough and effective cleaning process for carpet cleaning. This includes the following steps:

Our experienced cleaners will inspect your carpets in detail to look for soiling, stains, and problem spots and to familiarize with the carpet fabric and condition. Accordingly, they will fabricate a plan as to what exactly what the carpet needs and discuss the same with you.

To get rid of dry soil the carpet is pre-vacuumed with our professional machines.

Pre-treatment for carpets in problem areas is essential to avoid permanent staining and fabric fading. All stains are pre-treated with special chemicals for good end results.

Hot water extraction and rinsing is done with mechanically controlled of the pressure and temperature.

After the clean, our cleaners go through the carpet again to check if any stubborn stains have been left behind. In this case, special stain removal solutions are used.

Any cleaning process is not complete without sanitization.

This is when you can inspect your carpet and check if everything is perfect to your expectations and that you are a 100% satisfied.

To make the whole process hassle free for you we take care of moving the furniture around and placing it back once the job is done

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